Monday, May 5, 2008


This weekend, I got more drunk that I have in such a long time. I was like so drunk that I could barely talk straight. Well, I could talk, but everything came out of my mouth even the stuff that wasn't supposed to.

This happened because I wanted Daryl to get alcohol. But, since my friend Nicey came over after I got off of work, she wanted to go since she is newly 21. So, we went to Wine and Spirits, and bought all this different stuff. It was so awesome.

Beside that, I am starting to actually work on my sex issues. Daryl and I are actually having sex now. AND IT DOESN'T HURT!!! I know I never talked about the pain on here before. But that's just so big it doesn't even matter.

We went for like a month and a half without it, because I was so so scared of the pain. It would feel like this really horrible stabbing pain on one side. So, I would tell him to try to go to the other side, but that never worked. So, I just avoided it, because no pain is always better. Sex or no.

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