Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pregnant? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, the diaper hunt is over and I am back to continue blogging. This past month has been a very unbusy one for me. Besides diaper hunting, I haven't really been up to much. I have been starting to feel alot less depressed as far as attitude goes, and I'm beginning to think that I suffer with seasonal depression.

But anyway, because who cares about that. I finally have permanent birth control. I have been scared that I was going to get pregnant again, since I gave birth to Donny. But, yesterday, I went to Planned Parenthood, and got my IUD. YAY ME!!!!

Almost forgot. I decided that trying cloth diapers is a good idea. So, I bought a package with prefolds, covers, and snappis, and decided to give it a go. And, it is awesome! I absolutely love the diapers. I want to try other types of cloth diapers and everything. I love the whole cloth diapering thing. With all of this said, if anyone ever decided to take a glance at this blog besides me, you can try cloth diapers too. Tiffany at Nature Moms Blog is offering a cloth diaper giveaway. So, if you'd like to try cloth diapering too, leave her a comment for a chance to win.

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~*Frustrations of a desperate housewife*~ said...

you will be SOOO addicted to other cloth diapers!