Friday, July 18, 2008

EC part 2

So, last night, we went to Wine & Spirits, and bought some alcohol. So, after I put Donovan to bed, I got started with the drinking. The alcohol did me wonders, it gave me a way to express to Daryl how I feel, in a way that he would understand.

I told him that our house is like a pizza, it takes different pieces to make it whole. And that lately, I've felt like I've been putting more into the pizza than he has. So, the second that I said that, immediately he goes, OOOOOH, ok, now I understand. Then, I told him that our relationship is like the cup of soda that you get with the pizza, and that he's been trying to put in more there that I have. Looking back at what I said, that makes us look like some pretty fat people. Oh Well!!

In other news, I finally get to meet some other mothers that are trying elimination communication with their kids. I joined a group on Yahoo, of mothers in my area that do the same thing. They meet once a month, and I think that it's a great idea for me to join in. My mother is going to take me, and we're going to be in the park, which will be awesome!

Which reminds me that I was so excited yesterday, because Damian pooped in the potty yesterday, and that was so awesome. This was his first time. Normally, he will pee in the potty, but not poop. Not that anyone would want to know that.

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