Friday, April 18, 2008

I want food!!

So, yesterday I came home from work to find my house all messy and my babies hungry. What was their daddy doing? Playing the video game. I needed him to put the laundry in bags so that I could go do the laundry. Instead, he was betting money that he didn't have playing the fuckin video game. I was so disgusted. So I went into the extremely messy bedroom to nurse the Donny. After I come out, I find out that his nephew left, and didn't leave the laundry card that he was going to let us borrow. But, he said he was coming back (didn't happen).

Then, my friend Nicey was supposed to come over to take the kids to the playground to play. But, since I get out of work at 5, and don't get home until 6. She was like that's too late to go out with the kids. But, I was like dude, it's still light outside, and will be until like 8. But, oh well.

So, last night we were going to order some food. But, when we told that place we wanted to use our card, they were like "hold on", and hung up. So, we naturally assumed that they were assholes, and decided to make our own food. But, half way through the food, the doorbell rings(WTF??). Daryl goes to answer the doo and it is, (like you don't know) the delivery guy. So we tell him what happened, and he's all (blah blah blah) "well you can call them and tell them the number and you can take the food and i'll come back for you to sign and Please tak e the food". And we basically closed the door and threw out the pizza menu for that place, because I don't want bitter (spit in) food later, because they made the food and we didn't take it.

Was I wrong?

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